Q: Do I need an appointment?

A: Yes Please! This allows us to assign a bridal consultant to just you as well as make sure we have a room available to accommodate you. A bridal consultant must be with each of our brides/customers at all times. To really focus on you. We ask for everyone to please be on time for your appointment. If you are running late, we ask to please call us and let us know. Please note that if you are running behind, your appointment will be shortened, due to the time for the next bride.


Q: Why do I have to add a credit card to hold my appointment?

A: This is a Cancellation/No Call No Show Fee. Your card will be charged if you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice or no show for your appointment. This is because if another bride/customer could have had that appointment and we have scheduled our staff to be there for you. We ask that you please cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance. If the appointment is cancelled outside of cancellation window there will be a $50 fee. All no show appointments will be charged $50. We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 1 day before the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee.


Q: How much do your dresses cost?

A: Our dresses range from about $800 to about $2400. There are some below that, but the majority of our gowns fall within that price range. And if you hit us up during a sale, "off the rack gowns" are available, meaning you take that gown, rather than Special Order a new one, there are tons of bargains to be had!


Q: Who should I bring with me to my appointment?

A: We kindly ask that you please limit your guest count to 5.  Each of our brides has seating for 5 guests. We also find that less is more.  When your party size gets much larger than that, you can get a lot of competing opinions and suddenly it's just not fun anymore.  We do allow your little ones. Please keep in mind the boutique is full of huge glass mirrors, pins, and pedestals, and can be quite a dangerous place for little ones. Please keep any eye out on them.


Q: What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

A: Have an idea of what you are drawn to, but keep an open mind, you may be surprised what you like once you are trying them on.  Do your hair and makeup. Please do not wear bronzer or self-tanner on your body or heavy lipstick, it is very hard to get out of wedding dresses.  We will also be assisting you in the dressing room, so we kindly ask that you please wear undies with a full back. If you might be wanting to wear shape wear, bring it! And lastly, be prepared to say "Yes"! 


Q: What is included in my Appointment?

A: Our bridal appointments our 90 mins.  Includes 1 professional bridal consultant, seating for up to 5 guests, (if you have a couple more than this, please call us. If you have a larger entourage or are just wanting a more private luxury experience, check out our Ultimate Experience Appointment.) We ask you to please do not bring food or drinks in our boutique.


Q: What is a Special Order and how long does that take?

A: A Special Order is when you find "The One" and want to order yourself a new one in your size, that will fit you best and the color that you love the most. Special Orders can take anywhere from a couple of weeks (if the designer happens to have one in stock) to up to 7 months.  Your event date is something heavily considered by your bridal consultant when she is helping you select gowns for you to try, so don't worry if your wedding is coming quick, we will still have options for you!


Q: Will my dress need alterations?

A: Yes, everybody's body is different and this is something that you will want tailored to fit you perfectly.  We also highly recommend getting a bustle, which is a super handy system the seamstresses will build that will shorten up and lift your train so you can dance the night away.  When you purchase your dress we will provide you with the contact information for the local seamstresses we recommend.


Q: Why is it good to steam and press my wedding dress or wedding attire the week before my wedding?

A: Yes. Before heading down the aisle, you’ll want to make sure your dress is wrinkle-free and aisle-ready by giving your dress a good steam and press.

We like to steam your gown as close to the wedding day as possible; so we recommend dropping it off the Thursday or Friday before your wedding. We will explain how to transport it to the next destination from us to how to set out the wedding gown prior to putting it on. If you bought your wedding dress from us, the cost is Free! If you didn't get your gown from us the cost ranges depending on the type of gown and how long it takes us. Do you have Bridesmaids and Mothers gowns that need a freshening up too? Bring them in for an additional cost.

Q: Are you handicap accessible?

A: Yes. We have a specific fitting room for those who need it.