Oh My Gosh! This place was my saving grace!!! At first we went here to see bridesmaids dress, but they didn't have the vision I was looking for. However coming back for the groomsmen's & my fiancé's tuxes was amazing. Throughout each visit I let them know the the designing of my wedding dress was going. Sadly terribly. My original seamstress was horrid! I had to show up at her house to get her to contact me after she had my dress for a YEAR!! Nothing had been done to the dress and I was panicking about not having a wedding dress at all. Finally with some encouragement from The Bridal Shop's Lovely staff, Eleya, I came back to look for wedding dress #2.

Cindy was absolutely amazing to work with as she felt for my situation and gave me the time of my life with my mom and sisters there to support. By dress four I had found the one and Cindy encouraged me that wanting this dress more than what I had been trying to get made was all right. Eleya, had been there from my first day with my bridesmaids and new all too well my horror story. She has been amazing in keeping in contact over getting my dress in and giving me an amazing seamstress who actually contacts clients back. Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart!! Eleya and Cindy, you both not only made my day but saved my wedding!! Thank you so so much for quelling so many fears and helping me feel beautiful! This means the world to me!! I will be recommending you to every friend and family member!

Lena is an amazing bridal shop owner! I was so so so nervous about trying on dresses after having 3 kids to include carrying twins, some nice quarantine weight, and a wedding date only a month out so not a chance at me doing some crunches to look better.
I thought it would be impossible to find a dress or feel good while even trying them on. My self esteem was a solid 0 walking in the door. She did absolutely wonderful at helping me along and making sure I felt completely comfortable and beautiful. Didn't skip a beat on taking care of me and didn't let me have any self conscious doubts. Genuinely though. Wouldn't have gone anywhere else after the experience there, she truly was amazing to us. She helped me find the perfect dress that actually brought a big smile to my face, actually I'd have probably picked a few to take home if I could!

The shop is gorgeous with a ton of different styles so I could find what was perfect for me too! Since I didn't even know where to start that was wonderfully helpful having such a large variety to figure out what style I liked best.

Brianna H.

I wish I could do more than 5 stars this place is amazing!!! I would recommend anyone getting married here not only for the venue but the amazing bridal shop.


Thanks so much for all your help!


I had a wonderful experience in this boutique! I will be suggesting this store to all my friends thank you!


Loved working with XOXO bridal. I will recommend them to anyone getting married in the future!


Lena was fabulous to work with and everything turned out amazing for the tuxes!!!!!


I really enjoyed both visits for trying on dresses and received great advice for sizing from Lena. Overall I had a wonderful experience and more than appreciated the flexibility and attention XOXO Bridal gave to my wedding dress.


Very helpful and nice young ladies to work with!


Excellent Service, very knowledgeable


Can't say how great XOXO and Lena were to me and my bridesmaids!! Lena went above and beyond for me in my bridal experience!


Overall my experience was great here. I went in to this shop originally because they are one of two places in Iowa that carries the designer of the dress I had picked out over a year ago. I went in expecting to be told that they don't carry that dress anymore but was absolutely thrilled to see that they still had it! My dress came in WELL in advance which is fantastic, and they helped me find the right size (it actually fits perfect, the only thing I need changed is the length). They offer great deals if you're holding your wedding there or if you are getting your bridesmaid dresses there. We did run into a problem with the color of my bridesmaid dresses, but they were awesome and helped get that taken care of, probably out of their own pocket. I never felt rushed to leave the store, or uncomfortable discussing pricing in front of them (the owner of another shop I visited made rather rude comments when we were discussing the cost of the dresses). Although they are a store and they need to make money, I never felt that I was treated as someone to make money off of. They are 100% there to make you happy!


Lena really went above and beyond for me. Without her, it would not have been possible to find my dream wedding dress. My dress was a brand-new style, and there was a time crunch that other stores considered insurmountable, but she made everything work out with time to spare. She really worked magic for me, and I cannot recommend XOXO enough. Beyond finding the perfect dress, Lena was able to match me to a great tailor (who didn't break the bank!), steam my dress and veil right before (along with dresses for mothers and maids of honor), and even help with the cleaning/storage process afterward. I'll always remember dancing with my new husband, feeling beautiful, twirling in my gown. Thank you, Lena and XOXO, for all of your help.


I had a great experience at XOXO Bridal. It was easy to get an appointment. I just emailed them and they got back to me very quickly and we set something up. From the moment I walked in the door they were great. I had two people helping me out throughout my appointment. They were very friendly and good at what they do. They made me feel like the appointment was all about me (which it should be). They weren't pushy at all to make me buy a dress. The only thing they said even close to having me purchase a dress that day was that they mentioned the sales they were having but they left it at that. They even took pictures of dresses I tried on and emailed them to me. They were very helpful and professional. Would recommend them to anyone.

Corrie W.

I found my dress at XOXO bridal! They had so many options and great prices!


Lena was fantastic! We were having out wedding at Bella Sala and she took great care of us. We rented our tuxes through XOXO. She put up with a very indecisive bride and gave us a number of different options. Lena was very polite and easy to work with! After visiting a number of different tux stores we chose XOXO as Lena was easy so easy to work with and it was a nice one stop shop for everything! The tuxes were similar in price to other places around!


I called xoxo bridal with a dress style I loved online and they were so amazing to order the style in for me. I got to xoxo bridal and wanted a dress with no back but had straps on it and not to blingy. They helped me find the best dress for me and it happend to be the dress that I had called them about. The staff was so amazing for me and my needs they helped every step of the way I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a bridal gown.


Lena was fantastic! We were having out wedding at Bella Sala and she took great care of us. We rented our tuxes through XOXO. She put up with a very indecisive bride and gave us a number of different options. Lena was very polite and easy to work with! After visiting a number of different tux stores we chose XOXO as Lena was easy so easy to work with and it was a nice one stop shop for everything! The tuxes were similar in price to other places around!

Kyle N.

Lena was fantastic! She helped match the guys ties to the bridesmaid dresses over the phone and explained the whole process! She was even great when a couple of things needed to get altered the day before. She even took extra care of my wedding dress and made sure that no one saw it before the big reveals! Hands down the best service!


It was great and convenient to go there and have the help we wanted and needed! Super friendly and easy to work with!!


This bridal shop was the second one we went to and although it was small it had a great variety and selection. I was able to find a great amount of differing dresses and the stylist helped me out so much with that. I ended up finding my dress there! Fantastic place!


I felt so awful coming in only 10 minutes before close to offer a bridesmaid dress, but staff was sweet and helped me get it ordered. Impressed with the service


My experience with XOXO Bridal was very positive and very straightforward. I bought my dress there for a pretty sizable discount, ordered sleeves to match, and had everything delivered exactly as specified and on time. Lena, the store manager, was incredibly patient and very helpful during the selection process. This was one of two dress shops I visited, and I couldn't have been more pleased with how easy the whole process was.

Ellen R.

Everything fit and was accounted for, they made themselves readily available to meet with all our questions