Such a nice place and a great experience! They really helped me find dresses that I loved and was comfortable in, as well as worked with my budget.

Ella S.

I booked an "Ultimate Experience" bridal appointment with The Bridal Shop. I was afraid I'd have a hard time because of feeling self conscious, something that goes so deep I'm in therapy for it. I was wrong. I had so much fun!

All the ladies who attended us wanted to be sure I was comfortable, and they made all my guests comfortable, too! Having the whole salon to ourselves with snacks and moscato, along with the red carpet service we got was ABSOLUTELY worth the $200 fee. Every one of my friends who attended said it was the *best* bridal shopping experience they've had. There were games, and prizes, and we had such a good time with the ladies who genuinely cared about us-they asked about our hobbies, our families, and were so very friendly. They made my daughter feel special when we let her pull a gown off the rack for me to try on, and they seemed so tickled she was there, and they treated her well, too!

I'm so grateful, and so pleased to have been there to find the gown I'll wear to marry my fiancé! I will be recommending and leaving positive reviews on every venue I can find on the internet. Leaving a picture of one of the gowns I tried on but didn't choose just to show how much fun we all had <3

Emily T.

Working with Lena was a dream from start to finish. She was helpful, knowledgeable, and professional when helping me search for my wedding dress. The shop had a wide variety of gowns and Lena did an excellent job of helping us find ones based on what I was looking for. She gave great and honest insight on the functionality, wearability, and customization options of each gown I tried on. She did not try to push anything on me and made sure I was feeling comfortable throughout the entire appointment. Saying "yes!" to the dress at The Bridal Shop was one of the easiest decisions and best shopping experiences I've ever had. I would highly recommend booking an appointment with their shop!

Madeline F.

We were so happy to have found and to worked with Lena and her staff at The Bridal Shop. They provided such outstanding and personal service to my daughter, her bridesmaids, and myself in finding the perfect gown, and dresses for all.Thank you for your professionalism, courtesy, and assistance in our search for finding the perfect gown for a perfect day.

Patricia F.

My experience of finding my wedding dress was just as I had dreamed it would be! Cindy was so patient and made my experience wonderful and very comfortable! Lena (owner) was extremely helpful and made ordering my dress a priority which I very much appreciated! Thank you Bridal Shop for helping me say YES to my dress! I'll be recommending you to any bride I know.

Julie H.

Wonder experience and very helpful friendly staff! Love the dress and the place! They made you feel very at home and comfortable!

Elizabeth P.

The staff was very polite and very helpful. Very nice atmosphere, and friendly faces.
The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful with ideas.
I would recommend everyone check this bridal shop out.

Brenda L.

I had the BEST experience at The Bridal Shop! I immediately was blown away with how amazing my bridal consultant was. Cindy was very sweet, friendly, and knowledgeable. She made me feel comfortable and excited from the start! I appreciate how she helped me find dresses in the store that were my size to try on, as well as helping me figure out what style/shape suited my body type best. I found the most beautiful dress at this store. Their selections were excellent for girls that are curvy. I cannot recommend this store enough!!

Sophia F.

This is the first and last bridal shop I went to because I found the perfect dress for my special day! Lena was very helpful and didn't pressure me to make a decision at all, and I felt very comfortable expressing my feedback over the dresses I tried on. Eleya was also very nice and helpful as well. Customer service was good and overall I had a great experience!

Solanna Z.

Cindy helped us. She was wonderful at helping my daughter narrow down the choices. She found the perfect dress that she loves! Cute shop and great selections .

Angie S.

My sister and I both got our dream dresses here and had AMAZING experiences! Eleya is absolutely amazing - quick with helping you in and out of the dresses and completely at your service. She did not have an agenda to make a sale, but rather listened to my feedback and was responsive to my needs. The store is clean and comfortable and truly made me feel like a bride!

Mandie K.

Absolutely astounding Customer Service!!! The vibes- on point. The people- fun and friendly! The selection- wonderful! Most other places I went to had a "plus size" section I was limited to and that can really mess with your perception. Not so here!!! They made every accommodation to make sure I could try on any dress I liked. I felt so loved.

Morrigan M.